Epdm Flooring

Quick Overview

EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene tripolymer) tiles are manufactured from synthetic rubbers that make them resistant to water and heat..

Silent Features: 

  1.    Shock absorbent
  2.    Stain and abrasion resistant
  3.    Anti-slip matting
  4.    Heat resistant
  5.   Imperviable to weather and waterproof.

Price Range:   ₹ 250-  ₹ 380 per sq.ft

Material Ethylene propylene diene tripolymer
Colour Brighter colour shades
Width 10 mm-16 mm
Length 10 mm-16 mm
Thickness 24 mm-43 mm
Applications Children’s Playground, Running track, Jogging trail,
Multi games court, Gym
Thickset and Self-pigmented

Constructed using synthetic rubbers, EPDM proves to be one of the best flooring options for its perennial and resistance properties. It has granules that provide bright colour shades and requires low maintenance. The tiles come with beveled edges for easy drainage and can be used for both outdoor and indoor flooring. EPDM is resistant to stain, heat, weather, fire and water that makes it a preferable flooring.