Homogenous flooring

Quick Overview

Contrived using cross-linked polyurethane, homogenous flooring offers durable, easy to clean and attractive floors.

Silent Features: 

  1.    Low maintenance
  2.    Resistant to gouging
  3.    Anti-slip matting
  4.    Dirt and stain resistant
  5.   Durable

Price Range:   ₹ 95-  ₹ 130 per sq.ft

Material Cross-linked Polyurethane
Colour Spectrum of colours
Width 5 ft. X up to 100 ft.
Length 5 ft. X up to 100 ft.
Thickness 2 mm
Applications Low maintenance, Resistant to gouging, Anti-slip matting, Dirt and stain resistant, Durable
Aesthetic and Recyclable

Consisting of flexible PVC sheet and tiles, homogenous flooring comes with multifarious advantages and can be used throughout any high traffic commercial interiors. The flooring has a monolayer, manufactured by calendaring and pressing. It ensures that the surface remains smooth and non-directional, resistant to stain, abrasion, parasites, etc. The surface is coated using Diamond 10 technology that makes it durable and easy to maintain.