Heterogeneous Flooring

Quick Overview

Sophistication integrated with predominant quality, Heterogeneous flooring has an array of qualities and can be used in both commercial and residential infrastructures.

Salient Features: 

  1.    Sound reduction properties
  2.    Resistant to water and abrasion
  3.    Anti-slip matting
  4.    Dirt and stain resistant
  5.   Durable


Material Cross-linked Polyurethane
Colour Spectrum of colours
Width Varies
Length Varies
Thickness 0.5 mm - 2 mm
Applications Sound reduction properties, Resistant to water and abrasion, Anti-slip matting, Dirt and stain resistant, Durable
Versatile and Affordable

Designed using a 0.7mm pigmented wear layer of homogenous PVC sheet and tiles, heterogeneous flooring comes with multifarious designs, colours, and can be used throughout any high traffic commercial interiors. The flooring has multiple layers that ensure a surface resistant to water, chemical, stain, abrasion and sound insulation. It is easy to maintain and provides underfoot comfort along with aging stability.