PU Tactile Tiles

Quick Overview

 Contrived from engineered polyurethane, PU tactile tiles form a recyclable and self-adhesive surface indicator..

Salient Features: 

  1.    Anti-slip properties
  2.    Resistant to water and abrasion
  3.    Durable
  4.   Laitance free
  5.    Self-adhesive


Material Polyurethane
Colour Variable colour
Length Varies
Width Varies
Thickness Varies
Applications Surface to warn the visually impaired of highway crossings, Kerbs, Roads, Rail Platform edges, Built Environments, Paths and Cycle tracks
UV and Abrasion resistant

PU tactile tiles are available in a variety of colours to be used in contrast with the flooring. The tiles are mounted with a gap-filling adhesive that prevents cavities and has water resistance properties. They are free from laitance, dust and abrasion.