Rubber Tactile Tiles

Quick Overview

Manufactured from recycled rubber, the tactile tiles are UV resistant and have an attractive architectural appearance..

Salient Features: 

  1.    Anti-slip properties
  2.    Resistant to water and abrasion
  3.    Durable
  4.   UV resistant
  5.    Weldable


Material Polyurethane
Colour Variable colour
Length Varies
Width Varies
Thickness Varies
Applications Surface to warn the visually impaired of highway crossings, Kerbs, Roads, Rail Platform edges, Built Environments, Paths and Cycle tracks
Pristine and Splendid

Produced from synthetic or natural recycled rubber, the tactile tiles are welded with the flooring to give an immaculate surface and have properties like UV and Abrasion resistance. The tiles have bevelled edges, that makes them ideal for retro fitting.