Artificial Football Turf

Quick Overview

Designed, manufactured and tested to meet premium performance standards with water resistance and maintenance free characteristics.

Salient Features: 

  1.    Consistent even surface that takes turn
  2.    All-weather, quick-drying surface
  3.    Low maintenance
  4.    Extremely hard wearing and durable
  5.   Feels like real grass
  6.   Lead free

  Insulating and cooling effect

Size 2 mtr x 25mtrs / Roll = 538sqft / Roll
Pile Material PP + PE
Application Gardens, Commercial spaces, Residences, School grounds, Sports surfaces, etc.
Application Residences, School grounds, Sports surfaces, etc.
Durable and Resistant

Football, the world’s most popular sport, is now played on advanced artificial grass turfs that are designed to replicate the best natural grass fields. The turf for football fields has soft, non-abrasive fibres that replicate grass in colour, feel and performance. It allows the football to “sit” in the surface, controlling ball roll, and allowing freedom of movement for the player to perform sliding tackles and a full selection of skills. Near the base of the fibres sits a layer of recycled rubber, which adds resilience to control ball bounce and absorbs impact.