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AtoZ Home Furnishings, Inc

Ultra Firm Mattress and Custom Seating Shop

Indian Women Owned


As an Asian-Owned and Female-Owned company, we're dedicated to delivering the comfort of home that resonates with you. Our expertise lies in crafting Asian-inspired, extra firm mattresses that embody the essence of your familiar comfort. With an experience of 25+ years our partners help us ensure our mattresses retain their density and firmness for years to come. Plus, our high-density all-foam mattresses are meticulously fabricated to offer you unparalleled quality without compromising affordability.

Asian Indian

Why you should consider our Mattress?

Outstanding Quality

Pick a superior choice for a lasting and comfortable sleep experience:
Exceptional Quality: Our mattresses are crafted with premium high-density foam combinations and knitted fabric encasement.
Ideal for Pain Relief: Especially beneficial if you experience shoulder or back pain.
Longevity Assurance: High-density foam ensures a longer lifespan. Particularly advantageous for heavier sleepers, preventing sagging over time.

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